Paul Lyons – List of Web Development Crazies

2000 to 2023 – 8403 days – 726,019,200 seconds

Some of the highlights of my 20 year+ web development career. 80% of these projects have either been refactored or are in the great digital trashcan in the sky. Nothing stays the same. Everything must change.

A big shout out to all the amazing people I have had the opportunity to work with along this journey.


  • First dynamic Monster Cable website using classic asp, tables, a fair amount of spaghetti and a few classic asp includes. Pre-jQuery. It was 750 pixels wide, had lots of Flash and blinking stuff and was made with concrete. It looked really good in IE5 and Netscape 2.0.
  • Created Web 2.0 type web application, the Monster $10,000 Photo Contest. This was long before social media and way cooler. Part of my job was censoring the photos, but I think in the end all were approved. 2 megapixel digital cameras with AA batteries were all the rage. To test the site, we had a company employee contest and then had the janitor Jose be the judge. The winner and team went out to a crab lunch at Pier 23 afterward. Of course Head Monster Noel paid the tab. Thanks Noel!
  • iCruze configurator so that people could listen to their iPods in their cars. Very 2003! “Mommy, what’s an iPod?” iCruze was expensive Monster hardware. People working customer support had the job from hell.
  • Famous Monster websites (2 generations) ROCK ON Zakk Wylde, Herbie Hancock, Hiram Bullock, George Benson, Slash and the whole gang!
  • Monster Ebay Store-ERP integration. Amazon integrations. So EXCITING!
  • Hospital Business Operations for Quest Diagnostics, a complete CRM tool for one of the largest labs in the world written in, MVC and T-SQL stored procedures. The best lab to have your urine tested and be billed accordingly!
  • The synthetic DNA configurator for Biosearch Technologies where users can build and buy custom synthetic DNA. A bit creepy but true.
  • The e-commerce enabled custom bike configurator for RA Cycles. Really nice bikes. By that point, I had made so many configurators, I do not actually really remember this project.
  • SavoirFaire B2B online store (Migrated Magento to WordPress and WooCommerce) with different price levels depending on user levels (over 6000 products) I really did start liking looking at art supplies all day. Way more interesting than medical supplies.
  • Steve Swan String Basses. One of those “get er done,” weekend, friend of a friend projects during the pandemic. Hundreds of basses. So little time!  This site was the resurrection of a WordPress site on life-support using WooCommerce, lots of image resizing, database wizardry and then removing the buy buttons.
  • Wells Fargo Brand Central brand education website. Integrated WordPress into a legacy DAM via the WP-API and JavaScript. Three design versions and counting. Da, Da, da-da-da…


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