Paul Lyons from San Francisco

Paul Lyons from San Francisco

The Pelican Cafe is devoted to the healing qualities of nature. The videos on the home page are often from Ocean Beach in San Francisco and as well as variety of places in nature with a focus on the songs of birds.  Late Night at the Pelican Cafe features historic live recordings of bands from San Francisco.

Recently I have been using this website for a solo music project I am doing, playing guitar and harmonica and singing songs.

The Pelican Cafe is the creation of Paul Lyons. You can reach me at thepaullyons@gmail.com.

The Boring Technical Details

Originally, The Pelican Cafe was a website that I used as a platform to write essays, rant and muse about the world, and general have fun on the web. It was a custom blog written in Classic ASP that I wrote in 2006 when I was living with my family in the highlands of Guatemala. That first blog then became the book The Pelican Café Essays from Guatemala which you can purchase at Lulu Press or Amazon. Matt Lauer, the famous bluegrass bass player, says it makes excellent reading while on the toilet. Your results may vary.

Later I worked in .Net then studied Ruby and finally php and converted to WordPress and would often try out new themes or plugins and just have fun tinkering around with code in a very experiential way – sort of how the internet was back in the early 2000. This website, pelicancafe.net, uses a custom WordPress theme called pelicancafe that I programmed.

Since late 2019 I migrated the old Pelican Cafe and now actively write essays, book reviews and political commentary on the exotic, less traveled, definitely not a website with influencers –  San Francisco Journal.

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