Candela Live at El Rio – 1992

Late Night at the Pelican Cafe

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Need to get that feeling like you are at El Rio on Sunday afternoon? People everywhere dancing and having a good time? Both bars are open.

From an analog cassette tape positioned on the floor in front of the trombone player. What it would sound like if you where a fly on the wall at “your dive” El Rio in the 1990’s. You hear the band getting the charts ready.

In the 1990’s I had the fortune to play many Sundays at El Rio. At one point it felt like I was the house trombone player. On this particular Sunday the band was a phenomenal line-up of San Francisco based musicians – many players, including myself, were filling in for regulars. You can hear solos by Wayne Wallace, Rebeca Mauleón, Ramon Lasso, Paul Lyons, Michael Spiro, Jorge Polmar and others.

CANDELA – 1992
Edgardo Cambon – Congas and Lead Vocal (Solo on Yembeke)
Jorge Polmar – Bass
Rebeca Mauleón – Piano (Solo on Bailando Asi)
Sandy Cressman – Coros
Ramon Lasso – Piano (Solo on Yembeke)
Wayne Wallace – Trombone (Solo on Yembeke)
Eric Rangel – Timbales
Michael Spiro – Bongo (Solo on El Cuarto)
Paul Lyons – Trombone

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