Mazacote Live at Cafe du Nord – 1998

Late Night at the Pelican Cafe

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In 1998, long before the rise of the internets when live music and the salsa clubs in San Francisco were many, the band Mazacote played Tuesday nights at Cafe du Nord on Market Street.  On this particular Tuesday night the sound man (who’s name escapes me),  made a recording from the board. What an unusual working environment!

The band Mazacote plays what is known as Salsa Dura, and on this night it sounds like we let out all the stops. The recordings you hear focus on the solos (Jonathon Alford – piano, Peter Cornell – tenor sax, Louis Romero – timbales, Paul Lyons – trombone). There is also an extended version of Manny Martinez’s Batman. The original songs, Como se Llama and Batman where just taking shape at this time and what you hear is them simply coming to life. The album version of Batman has gone on to be heard millions of times on YouTube and other places in the new digital sphere. With these recordings you get the making of the sauce.

The recordings below focus on long extended solos starting with Peter Cornell on sax.

Sit back. Close your eyes. The coronavirus pandemic will be over someday.

Louis Romero – Timbales
Manny Martinez – Vocals
Richie Veles – Congas
Ito Carillo – Bongo
Perter Cornell – Sax
Paul Lyons – Trombone
Jonathon Alford – Piano
David Belove – Bass

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