Mazacote Live at El Rio – 1997

Late Night at the Pelican Cafe

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Need to get that feeling like you are at El Rio on Sunday afternoon? People everywhere dancing and having a good time? Both bars are open.

From an analog cassette tape positioned on the floor in front of the trombone player. What it would sound like if you where a fly on the wall at “your dive” El Rio in the 1990’s. You hear the band getting the charts ready. The banter of Ray Martinez and Louis Romero. The noise of the crowd. Close you eyes. The coronavirus pandemic will be over someday.

Louis Romero – Timbales
Ray Martinez – Congas
Manny Martinez – Vocals
Perter Cornell – Sax
Dan Buegelheisen – Trumpet
Paul Lyons – Trombone
Bob Karty – Piano –  (special guest sub reading charts for the first time)
Ito Carrillo – Bongo
Bass – Jeff

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