Polka dots and Moonbeams – Butterfly Jazz Quartet 2013

Late Night at the Pelican Cafe

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Kai Lyons – Guitar
Erik Von Buchau – Drums
Dillan Riter – Bass

Late Night at the Pelican Cafe this week features a ballad. Everybody! Time to slow down! You have absolutely nowhere to be! Relax!

Recorded at Granada Studios in Half Moon Bay on August, 29, 2013, First Time Around by the Butterfly Jazz Trio is a a session that was inspired by gigs the Butterfly Jazz Trio played in downtown San Francisco in various bars and hotels during the summer of 2013.

Kai Lyons is my son. The year prior, during his first year in college out east, he had a serious bicycle accident involving an automobile. Knocked out for a few hours. Broken bones. A concussion. Not the call any parent wants to get. Life is short and  as I heard the trio grow over the course of the summer, and felt truly blessed that Kai fully had recovered, I decided to get some studio time. The result is this CD.

There are some other tracks on the CD that came out well, but Polka Dots and Moonbeams captures the Late Night at the Pelican Cafe vibe.

The CD Butterfly Jazz TrioFirst Time Around is available at all your local record stores, iTunes, Spotify and even CD Baby.


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